WoW 10.0: Dragonflight’s new expansion pack announced

Last Updated Date: May 4, 2022 - 17:06

World of Warcraft's new expansion pack has been announced. It's heading to the land of dragons starting in patch 10.0.

Last Updated Date: May 4, 2022 - 17:06
WoW 10.0: Dragonflight’s new expansion pack announced

The wait is over: As usual, Blizzard has announced its ninth expansion, World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, with a cinematic trailer. This time he is going to the land of dragons. Or rather: to the Dragon Islands. As you can imagine, there are old friends waiting for us there. Among other things, from the red dragonfly and his mistress Alextraza.

We have summarized all the known information about the new plugin for you:

  • New Region: Dragon Islands (includes four new regions: the wild Awakening Beach, the vast plains of Ohn’ahra, the high Azure Mountains, and the ancient, majestic Thaldraszus)
  • New level cap: Level 70
  • New Class-Race Combo: Caller of the Dractyr (Ranged-DD or Healer)
  • New flying mounts: Customizable kites
  • Renewed talent and profession system
  • Refreshed HUD

Blizzard has yet to announce a release date. If the development studio follows the old beat, you can expect a release by the end of 2022.

The Story of Dragonflight

You can see in the trailer that over 10,000 years ago the Dragon Islands were sealed and the Dragon Aspects left their homeland. But now the island is coming to life and the dragons are returning. But the country has changed.

Those of you who still remember the events of the Shadowlands know that when the guard Zovaal died, he spoke of an even more powerful threat. It’s most likely coming towards us right now, threatening dragon-producing cities.

We already know many of them from previous plugins. The most striking is probably Cataclysm, where we fight the Deathwing dragon and its black spawn.

In Cataclysm, we already had Alextraza as an ally, who opposed Deathwing and was seriously injured. We have heard very little from the Dragon Queen since then. The situation is different with Alextraza’s younger sister named Ysera.

We last met the leader of the green dragon flight in the Shadowlands, where his soul was forever bound to the dead world. Does this mean there’s a new dragon direction – namely a new ruler for green flight?

In addition to the green and red dragonflies, we also see blue and yellow or bronze dragons in the trailer pointing to the two leaders Kalecgos (ruler of the blue dragonfly after Malygos dies) and Nozdormu (ruler of the bronze dragonfly).

Either way, we will learn a lot about the culture and country of the dragons and giants that live there. The focus is also on the new playable race, Dracthyr. He has strong ties to the Black Dragon Aspect (Nefarian), who later became Deathwing.

New skill and job system

As you’ve already read in the keyword list above, WoW 10.0 and Dragonflight should also be used for tweaking existing systems. However, we don’t know much about it yet. The official press release so far only talks about [making] creative and satisfying talent choices at all levels, without sacrificing effectiveness. The first excerpts, briefly shown in the trailer, show a larger skill tree than you’ve ever known.

The description of the job revision seems less mysterious, but just as vague. Player-influenced work orders, new job gear, a brand new specialization system, and more are all planned [to play a role] here to allow players to progress to recognized professionals in their field.

With this, Dragonflight wants to continue the core idea of ​​the professional system from Shadowlands and give professions more scope and importance again. Here, too, we do not know anything concrete.

As you can see, aside from the first handful of information, unfortunately we don’t have many clues yet. We’ll update this article as soon as we learn more. Until then , you can tell us in the comments what you expect from the new expansion.

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