Top Strategy Games That You Can Play In 2022

Last Updated Date: August 23, 2022 - 10:02

Looking for my strategy game? Here is the list of the most popular strategy games of 2022 that we have prepared for you.

Last Updated Date: August 23, 2022 - 10:02
Top Strategy Games That You Can Play In 2022

Strategic games were widely ignored and identified as boring or ‘complicated.’ However, as the years passed, the gaming world recognized their worth, and now they are a sought-after genre. Some strategy games have been rebranded as legacy franchises, while other games give some top-of-the-line FPS-based games the chance to beat their features. In the end, the future is only getting better for this genre.
We have a plethora of incredible game suggestions for you, so buckle up and get ready to find your new favorite.

Magic: The Gathering Arena

The game Magic has established itself as the best trading card game ever. Since the launch of Magic: The Gathering Arena, this game from the past has begun to gain attention in the realm of digital gaming too.
In essence, it lets you take part in Magic: The Gathering on your computer, Mac, mobile, or tablet. With the option of playing against computer gamers or even human beings and captures the thrill of this complex and strategic game (with instructions for beginners). Furthermore, if you enjoy the concept of card collecting, this game is for you. The more you play and win, the more cards you’ll get to add to your collection.

Expedition: Rome

The Expedition of Rome can be described as distinctive because it contains many historical details and figures. The game is based on real-life locations and shows the greatest accomplishments of Rome on the battlefield.
Apart from the tactical possibilities such as combat dynamics as well as some fundamental resource management, players will also be interacting with other players who date back to the past. Because every interaction or action taken will determine how things will go, knowing the right words to use has an enormous impact.
With minor design flaws and pathfinding problems aside, it’s incredible when it comes to historical research and storytelling.

The Last of Us: Part 1 gameplay leaked


The Afterschool Studio’s Cantata is a follow-up to the ongoing war between three sides in an alien world. The maps are filled with bizarre landmarks and plants that are alien. The art style for the characters is stunning. If you’re playing as Machines, Humans, or Aliens, you’ll have to use your faction’s unique skills to win.

Cantata was released quite recently; hence, at present, it’s still being developed. Additional story chapters are in the works, as well as mod support, which should result in an outstanding final product. The developers have announced that they do not expect an early release to go on for more than one year, which means we can expect a complete launch in early 2023. However, even after all this, it has become quite a beloved game among strategic gamers.

Two Crowns Kingdom

This Android game pits your monarchy and its subjects against horrible Greed. It starts with searching for a campsite and getting locals to perform your bidding for a few dollars. In no time at all, they’ll start searching for food near the area and erecting fences to keep outsiders away.
In the evening, the demon Greed appears, taking tools from the leveled-up peasants, and if you’re not careful, they can take your crown. The loss of your headpiece means the game is over.
The game is all about strategy, which encourages exploration, experimentation, and a small amount of risk. In addition to its beautiful design and flawless performance on smartphones, this is a must-have.

Brigandineon: The Legend of Runersia

If you are a lover of the first Brigandineon PS1 or never had the chance to play, you need to start with The Legend of Runersia. It is an outstanding example of high-powered hex-based gaming. As one of six factions, you’ll use superhuman knights as well as mythical creatures in your quest to take over the continent.
Brigandine does not offer you the type of game in which you start weak but gradually get stronger. Instead, each faction begins with strong forces under its disposal and gets stronger as the years’ progress. This game is one to consider if you are searching for something different from your usual strategy games.


XCOM 2 is thought of as the benchmark in the realm of strategic gaming. After alien invaders have successfully integrated into the world and gained control of Earth a few years after “XCOM: Enemy Unknown” came out in 2012, this sequel is set just a few years later.
Players are required to lead the fight against aliens and win back their homes once and for all. They can recruit soldiers to join them, equip them with various weapons, find more advanced technology, and purchase a few DLCs, completely changing the way the game plays.


These are the top strategy games you can play in 2022. We hope you find yourself new gameplay you like.

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