Tom Cruise looks almost frighteningly real in Unreal Engine 5

Last Updated Date: July 12, 2022 - 20:50

Instead of recreating a popular game in the new Unreal Engine 5, a Youtuber deepfaked a Hollywood star. The result is impressive.

Last Updated Date: July 12, 2022 - 20:50
Tom Cruise looks almost frighteningly real in Unreal Engine 5

Virtual copies of real people are getting closer and closer to the originals, as illustrated in the example of Bruce Willis ads created using deepfake. Using the example of Hollywood star Tom Cruise , a YouTuber now demonstrates that very realistic looking results can also be achieved with the new Unreal Engine 5 .

It is based on a video from the Metahuman Framework, which belongs to the official UE5 library. This becomes a virtual Tom Cruise via deepfake. Everything also has a spooky side, as Virtual Tom Cruise is sometimes almost indistinguishable from the real thing – imagine yourself suddenly appearing in a video like this. However, the UE5-based replica in the video below looks completely unnatural.

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In our opinion, this affects, among other things, blinking and more pronounced facial expressions. It still looks very, very good compared to most character models in games. But then you get the feeling that a robot is being told what to do, instead of seeing completely natural movements. However, we already knew before we watched the video that it shows a virtual Tom Cruise, which may have reinforced that impression.

If you want to experience Unreal Engine 5 even more in action, here are some decent tech demos with similarly impressive results:

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The video not only shows completely independent and convincingly Tom Cruise powered by Deepfake, but also what Unreal Engine 5 can do in terms of character representation. Finally, he flexes his muscles in terms of lighting.

The virtual red lamp mounted on Tom Cruise realistically illuminates his hair, torso and the entire scene at the touch of a button. Lighting in general plays an important role in the UE5 with its Lumen technology, you can find out more about it in our UE5 launch overview.

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