The new FIFA 22 update is now available on PC

Last Updated Date: May 4, 2022 - 19:01

Title Update #8 for FIFA 22 is now available on PC, EA announced in a blog post. The update doesn't bring major new additions like new content, but it does bring a number of requested fixes and improvements.

Last Updated Date: May 4, 2022 - 19:01
The new FIFA 22 update is now available on PC

Unfortunately, console players will have to wait a little longer because the update is not available for now. EA said it expects to release Title Update #8 on the remaining platforms next week.

Check out the various fixes and improvements made in FIFA 22 below:

FIFA 22 Title Update #8 Patch Notes


Made the following change:

  • The Drag To Drag Skill Move can be interrupted earlier in the animation after being performed with the right analog input.

Addressed the following issues:

  • When the attacking player was performing a cross, Auto Switching did not occur as expected for the defending team if their controlled player was Containing.
  • When a goal was scored in the last moment of a match, it wasn’t being counted towards the result in some rare instances.
  • When playing Co-Op, the initial kick off pass animation was taking slightly longer than intended.
  • In some rare situations, the goalkeeper rushed towards the ball carrier without being requested to do so.


Addressed the following issues:

  • VOLTA ARCADE could display as being unavailable even when it was available.
  • In some cases, a red ball could have been used on a red surface, making it difficult to view the ball.

Pro Clubs

Addressed the following issue:

  • Club and Virtual Pro information could disappear from the UI after sending Drop-In invites. This was a visual issue only.

General, Audio, and Visual

Made the following changes:

  • Updated some kits and stadia.
  • Added and updated a total of 51 new star heads.
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