Steam and Epic have 5 free games this weekend

Last Updated Date: May 4, 2022 - 17:25

Some PC games, from role-playing games to simulations, are currently free to play. We list all Free Games and Free Weekends on Steam and Epic.

Last Updated Date: May 4, 2022 - 17:25
Steam and Epic have 5 free games this weekend

The weekend is here and as always it brings free games and free weekends! There are three free games and two free weekends on Steam and Epic this week. We list all the free offers for PC that you can play on the weekend or download permanently.

Black Desert is a permanent gift

No other game is as famous for its complex character editor as Black Desert Online. But the MMO has a lot to offer beyond creating beautiful characters. You beat, loot and level up monsters in a picturesque world and form alliances or enemies with other players. If you’ve had Black Desert on your mind for a long time, you can now secure the online role-playing game for free and have a look.

You can secure Black Desert by adding it to your shopping cart for $0 from the store page. After that it’s yours forever and you can download it whenever you want.

Offer valid until : 13 April 2022, 17:00
Platform: Steam

For a limited time you can play New World for free

The New World is at a crossroads. After a long wait and high expectations, the MMO had to contend with a very bumpy launch and a few delays. Now, a few months after it aired, the player count has been dropping steadily, but many gamers and their colleagues, Elena, are having a lot of fun with New World.

To start the New World trial, visit the promotions page and select “Start Game”. Then you can download the free version and play during the trial period.

Offer valid until : 11 April 17:00
Platform: Steam

Another game that you can play for free for a short time

Football Manager 2022 : The final installment of the popular management simulation for football fans who want to take charge of the big games (Steam and Epic, until April 11th)

Two more free

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter : Thrilling crime adventure and chart success of the time (Epic, until April 14)
Rogue Legacy : Popular roguelike in a knightly setting where you inherit your own descendants with each death (Epic, until April 14)

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