Squid Game becomes a real contest and Netflix is looking for volunteers

Last Updated Date: June 16, 2022 - 07:07

Netflix hosts a real Squid Game. But it shouldn't lead to deaths, instead millions of profits are tempting. A total of 456 applicants can participate.

Last Updated Date: June 16, 2022 - 07:07
Squid Game becomes a real contest and Netflix is looking for volunteers

The Korean drama Squid Game was on everyone’s lips last September and was a total success for Netflix. So it’s no wonder the streaming service wants to profit from Hwang Dong-Hyuk’s work. That’s why Squid Game is not only getting a season 2 confirmation, but also a reality reality show, as reported by THR.

But you’re not dying – at least that’s what Netflix promises. That said, a massive million prize beckons you, with up to 456 participants to fight. If you want to join, you can even apply to Netflix to join.

Squid Game: Was it The Challenge?

Social criticism becomes evening entertainment: the dystopian series should in fact be understood as a somber metaphor for the ruthlessly competitive society in which the poor and weak suffer the most. But now Netflix is ​​choosing the cornerstone of Squid Game to weave light evening entertainment.

The Squid Game: The Challenge consists of ten chapters in which 456 participants compete in harmless or non-lethal versions of Korean children’s games. There’s currently no start date for the first season, but at least an announcement teaser:

The Winner Becomes a Millionaire: The winner of Squid Game: The Challenge will receive a total of $4.56 million in prizes. Netflix emphasizes on the show’s official website that both losers and winners leave the game unscathed. Squid Game: Challenge is not about life and death, unlike the template.

Here’s how you can (maybe) participate: If you’re interested in the idea of a reality show, you can even apply to be featured on the official website. Among other things, a minimum age of 21 and a minimum of four weeks are required for shooting. Filming is currently scheduled for spring 2023.

Not the first real Squid Game: YouTuber MrBeast held a tournament based on the Netflix series at the end of 2021, and the winner was awarded $456,000. The video of the $3.5 million event garnered over 13 million views on YouTube.

How to continue Squid Game

On June 12, 2022, Netflix officially announced that Season 2 of Squid Game is in production. Hwang Dong-Hyuk has confirmed Lee Jung-jae’s return as the lead singer of Seong Gi-Hun and Tom Choi. At the moment, there is no concrete information about its plot and when the second season will arrive. Provided that filming begins in the near future, it could be considered a theatrical release by the end of 2023.

In the meantime, a Squid Game video game may also be coming. At least that’s what the head of Netflix Asia Minyoung Kim thinks. The game adaptation of Squid Game comes as no surprise as Netflix is increasingly turning to gaming.

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