Square Enix Officially Announces Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Last Updated Date: June 17, 2022 - 15:40

Square Enix has announced new information about the highly anticipated Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2. The second part of the remake is now called Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and will be released in the winter of 2023.

Last Updated Date: June 17, 2022 - 15:40
Square Enix Officially Announces Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

We’ve been waiting for more news about the second installment of the Final Fantasy VII remake for a while, and during tonight’s livestream, Square Enix finally showed off the first footage. The next chapter will have a slightly different name because this game is called Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

This is a direct sequel to Final Fantasy VII Remake, and the game is in development for the PlayStation 5. No exact release date has been given, but the game will be released ‘next winter’ i.e. late 2023 or early 2024.

A third and final game will appear after Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, after which the full remake of Final Fantasy VII will end. It is not yet known when that game will be released, and it is not known what the subtitle will be. The first footage of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth can be viewed below.

What we know about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

The new trailer features Cloud, Sephiroth, and Zack among others, while a voiceover from Aerith suggests that the story of the second-part remake will deviate even more from the original. The trailer also underlines that the game is only coming to PlayStation 5 for now.

Producer Yoshinori Kitase also revealed during the live broadcast that the remake will consist of three parts in total. It is not clear what the third part is and when we can expect that game. Creative director Tetsuya Nomura says he’s already working on the third episode.

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