Sleep and meow to get the Platinum Trophy on Stray

Last Updated Date: July 11, 2022 - 21:41

We will be able to do some serious mischief again very soon, thanks to the Stray game, which puts you in the place of a cute cat wandering in a futuristic city.

Last Updated Date: July 11, 2022 - 21:41
Sleep and meow to get the Platinum Trophy on Stray

Meanwhile, Trophies for this game have also been released on PlayStation Network, so we can take a look at exactly what we need to do to get that coveted Platinum Trophy.

The list looks like a fun challenge with lots of funny additions. How about ‘Meow 100 times’ or ‘Sleep for more than an hour’? Additionally, with less than two hours of speed, you’ll also need to unleash your inner speed demon. You can check the full list below.


All Done: Unlock all trophies.


Can’t Cat-ch Me Complete the first Zurk chase without getting caught.

Pacifist: Complete the sewers without killing any Zurk.

I am Speed: Complete the game in less than 2 hours.

Catwalk: Reach Midtown.

Eye Opener: Complete the game and open the city.

I remember!: Collect all B-12 memorabilia.

Badges: Collect all badges.


Slightly Talkative: Meow 100 times.

Cat-a-Pult: Jump 500 times.

Productive Day: Get more than an hour of sleep.

Sneakitty: Drive through Midtown without being spotted by the Sentinels.

Not Alone: ​​Meet the B-12.

Al-Cat-Raz: Go to jail.

Meowlody: Bring all musical notes to Morusque.

Cat’s best friend: Encounter 5 robots.

Zone: Scratches on each section.


Boom Chat Kalaka: Dunk the basketball.

No More Lives: Die 9 times.

Scratch: Scrape the vinyl from the club.

Missed Jump: Fall into the city.

The Cat Got Its Tongue?: Have the B-12 translate a robot.

Curiosity Kills the Cat: Wear the paper bag.

Cat-a-strophe: Try to play mahjong with robots.

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