Purchased FIFA 23 for 6 cents due to Store Error

Last Updated Date: August 18, 2022 - 17:15

Due to a store error, some lucky ones were able to seize the opportunity of the year with FIFA 23 - and EA reacted in a sporting way.

Last Updated Date: August 18, 2022 - 17:15
Purchased FIFA 23 for 6 cents due to Store Error

Now, before you shake your wallet to ditch the coins on the table, an old button, and an expired deposit coupon, we’re sorry to disappoint you – FIFA 23 was available to purchase for just a fraction of 6 cents. short window of time. But a few lucky guys in India took the chance and made the bargain of the year with the new FIFA 23.

Even EA Sports humorously acknowledges its own goal – and reacts to the store error in a sporting way.

FIFA 23 for 6 cents? what happened there?

It seems that there was a technical error on the Epic Store that briefly caused FIFA 23 to be offered at a ridiculously low price: 5 Indian rupees, or about 6 cents. So people can withdraw a triple A product for the price of a Steam trading card, which normally costs 70 dolars in the cheapest variant. Can you do this?

EA reacts sporty

EA and Epic of course quickly spotted and fixed the store bug, but a few lucky people had already snatched it… and kept their game going. The EA Sports team sent a joke message to everyone involved, including a soccer game:

“Hello, A few weeks ago we scored a pretty awesome own goal and accidentally offered FIFA 23 at an incorrect pre-order price on the Epic Games Store. The fault is clearly ours – and made at this discounted price We honor all purchases.”

Declaring purchases as void would probably be contractually difficult, but hey: it’s still a nice gesture on behalf of EA, as the lucky ones can then start gambling with peace of mind. Meanwhile, FIFA 23 will be released on September 26, 2022 – you can find all the important innovations in our overview of FIFA 23.

Have you ever had a similar luck? Have you ever had a super cheap game because of a bug?

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