PS5 Chances To Win – 2022 – #PS5TREATCODES

Last Updated Date: May 4, 2022 - 19:43

Good news from Sony for PS5 fans. With the #PS5TREATCODES campaign launched by Sony, one of 126 PlayStation 5s can be yours.

Last Updated Date: May 4, 2022 - 19:43
PS5 Chances To Win – 2022 – #PS5TREATCODES

A number of conditions are required to win the PS5, the next generation game console that adorns the dreams of the players.

A Chance to Win a Free PS5 – #PS5TREATCODES

The campaign, which started on February 15, 2022, aroused great interest. Sony announced in its statement that 14 different codes will be shown in secret. You need to find these 14 different treat codes and enter the Playstation page.

Here are Sony’s statement and the terms of the campaign;

“Treat Codes is here. Over the next two weeks, codes will appear in unexpected places.* Each one gives you an opportunity to win a PS5.
It’s simple: spot a code, enter it in the widget, answer a quick question and win if yours is one of the closest correct answers.
The more codes you find, the more opportunities you have to enter. Remember, the codes can drop anywhere. So keep your eyes peeled.”

Although Sony says it blends the virtual and real worlds for the draw, it recommended following the hashtag #PS5TREATCODES to keep track of the code details. All codes will be published between February 15 and February 28, and those who find the code will be able to participate in the competition until March 7, 2022. You can go to the Tread Codes Page here.

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