Marauders: space pirate shooter with Tarkov elements launches in 2022

Last Updated Date: May 4, 2022 - 18:54

Publisher Team17 announced the Marauders shooter this year. We have all the information about gameplay, settings and version.

Last Updated Date: May 4, 2022 - 18:54
Marauders: space pirate shooter with Tarkov elements launches in 2022

Space. Infinite expanses. The year is 1990. These are – bloody pirates! The introduction of the newly announced hardcore shooter Marauders could be something like this. In it, dirty diesel punk meets sci-fi, and elements of Tarkov mingle with spaceship battles. Does it sound exciting? We have all the known information for you!

What is the Marauders game?

Theme of the game:

In this alternate timeline, World War I never ended. Now that Earth is completely exploited, humanity has necessarily dared to go into space – but there are also plenty of conflicts. You are a Marauder, meaning a pirate here who seeks valuable loot and uses it to craft more powerful weapons and gear. The game is set in the alternate 1990s, but without the bright colors and jumpsuits, but with a dark Dieselpunk aesthetic.


Let’s tick off the trendy words first: hardcore shooter, multiplayer, first-person perspective, crafting and tactical combat. Make your way through the dark world in Marauders either alone or in teams of up to four players. Your goal: to collect better equipment, warm up opponents in dangerous raids, and then escape alive. What do pirates do in space – then space rom is guaranteed.


In Marauders you not only improve your tactical combat equipment, but also develop your own spaceship. You can also build your own from the conquered resources, equip them with more powerful weapons, and use them to hunt for more loot. According to the official description, you can even conquer and steal other players’ ships – of course vice versa, so always be careful! The trailer reflects the Marauders’ dark mood:

Marauders Release Date and Which Platform?

A final release date for Marauders is not yet known, but it should be late 2023 or early 2024 at the earliest.

Meanwhile, a playable demo will be released soon: according to Team17, this is scheduled for the WASD gaming event in London from 7-9 April 2022.

First of all, the shooter game should launch in Early Access on Steam – 2022. PC Game Pass owners can also get started, then a preview version will also appear on Microsoft’s subscription service. This means that the finished game should also go straight to the library when it’s released.

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