Lost Ark: Want to play as Geralt or Kratos? Here’s how it’s done!

Last Updated Date: May 4, 2022 - 17:58

Thanks to the community's practical presets, you can also embody all kinds of popular heroes in Lost Ark...

Last Updated Date: May 4, 2022 - 17:58
Lost Ark: Want to play as Geralt or Kratos? Here’s how it’s done!

Lost Ark’s character creation certainly offers plenty of options, but that doesn’t mean you can create the character of your dreams with it. Fortunately, it is possible to import designs from other players, saving you the trouble of tampering.

The community eagerly presents its finest creations in its own subreddit. If you’re lucky, you can also find the corresponding preset file in the header that you can use to showcase your beautiful face. In addition to a small selection of successful replicas, you can also learn exactly what to look for when importing so nothing stands in the way of your new heroic career.

Very Similar Designs to famous names like Geralt and Kratos

You can download five of the following Reddit threads yourself (usually a few lines below the image as a Google Drive link).

As always, these files may be manipulated after the publication of this article. Despite Google scanning itself for malware, you are ultimately responsible for the safety of your data!

The resemblance to Kratos in particular is striking, but the bloody edges of Arthas’ song are also well shot. However, the fan version of the witch Geralt could also be his twin brother.

I downloaded the file but what do I do with it now?

There are actually only two things you need to consider before you can successfully steal celebrity faces. On the one hand you need to put the .cus file in the correct directory. Right click on Lost Ark in Steam and select Manage->Browse Local Files. You are now in the Lost Ark home directory and save the files in EFGame\Customizing.

Second, you should rename the file to fit your desired customization slot. If called Customizing_Magician_slot4.cus as in our example above, the game will use it to overwrite your fifth saved customization. You must have _slot0.cus at the end to make them available in the first slot.

But the class cannot be changed. So a preset created for warriors cannot be applied to mages. Also, the file name should reflect the English class name. For your convenience, we list the correct equivalents here:

Warrior ———————– Customizing_Warrior_slotX.cus
Mage ————————– Customizing_Magician_slotX.cus
Martial Artist (Female) —– Customizing_Fighter_slotX.cus
Martial Artist (Male) ——– Customizing_Fighter_Male_slotX.cus
Gunner (Male) ————— Customizing_Hunter_slotX.cus
Gunner (Female) ———— Customizing_Hunter_Female_slotX.cus
Assassin ———————- Customizing_Delain_slotX.cus

You can find more information about embedding, sharing and conversion (if files are from other regions) in this helpful thread. You can find other resources for Lost Ark presets here.

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