Lost Ark: Servers are down, new update will kick off first PvP season

Last Updated Date: May 4, 2022 - 18:57

Ongoing maintenance is the starting signal for the first PvP season. Also, life should be made harder for bots. All information is here!

Last Updated Date: May 4, 2022 - 18:57
Lost Ark: Servers are down, new update will kick off first PvP season

As announced by the developers, the Lost Ark game servers are currently taken offline for maintenance. But today’s update brings a lot more than a little sweeping and dusting, it also kicks off the first PvP season for the successful MMO.

There are also a few other changes that we will inform you about below. First of all, the focus of the developers is still the fight against bots, so a new measure was decided for the Steam platform.

PvP, new event, gifts and more

How long is the downtime?

The servers went offline at 4 am US time on March 24. It’s currently estimated to have eight hours to install the update, so you can play again at 12:00 pm US time in the best-case scenario.

What are the highlights of the update?

As mentioned earlier, a really big content patch awaits you this week that expands the game in many ways. As always, if you want to read all the changes, you can find the full patch notes on page 2 of this article.

Start of first PvP season:

Starting March 24, you can rank up in player vs player battles. In the first season, you can expect 3v3 team deathmatches with a fixed time limit. The team with the most kills eventually wins. If you bless the temporary, you will soon be resurrected and you can intervene again.
Lighter Guardian Raid Event: To address the ongoing shortage of upgrade materials, the developers are bringing a simplified version of the Guardian Raids; here you can earn a new type of currency that you can trade at a private merchant. The resources you need most.

Gifts, Gifts, Gifts :

Who doesn’t love receiving gifts? Lost Ark heroes can expect plenty of gifts when they log back in after the downtime. These include new skins for characters and pets, new mounts, pheons, and legendary card packs. For a full list of free gifts, check out our news on this huge gift wrap.

New anti-bot measures:

The developers have developed a new measure to contain the bot issue. The change will affect anyone who plays Lost Ark on Steam, but only if they’re using a brand new Steam account. Therefore, the actual number of players falling below this should be very low. In short, all Steam users whose account does not have a “Trusted” status will have to do without many of the social features in Lost Ark, such as starting trades with other players, sending in-game gifts or exchanging royal crystals for gold. But no need to be nervous: If you have made a verified purchase on your Steam account, you will not be affected by this measure. It has no effect on the Lost Ark.

You can check the server status here.

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