Lost Ark Server Status America

Last Updated Date: July 27, 2022 - 07:20

Some servers are down on Lost Ark America servers. Latest updates on Lost Ark America servers. Information about server status.

Last Updated Date: July 27, 2022 - 07:20
Lost Ark Server Status America

America servers are divided into 3;

  • North America West
  • North America East
  • South America

We inform you about the problems and official updates on these servers instantly.

Server Status – America Region

On Wednesday, July 27, 2022 – Weekly maintenance work

Servers will be offline for 4 hours due to weekly maintenance work. The maintenance, which started at 12 pm in the Americas region, will be finished at an estimated 4 am and you will now have access to the game.

May 4, 2022: Americas region servers are down for 7 hours

Weekly update and maintenance work was moved 1 day ago. The maintenance work, which we are used to on Thursday, is carried out on Wednesday this week. The servers that were shut down today at 12 AM PT will be back up in about 7 hours and the maintenance work will be over.

April 28: Servers down for 5 hours

As you know, Lost Ark, published and developed by Amazon, does maintenance and update work every Thursday. For this reason, all America servers will be closed at 12 AM PT / 7 AM UTC / 9 AM CEST and will reopen after approximately 5 hours.The following changes will be made with the April 28 update;

Express Mission Event;

  • Added a feature that allows players to change their Express Mission Event character if the event’s T1 and T2 honing benefits have not been used before.
  • Players can only change their designated Express Quest Event characters once.

Guard Raid Event;

  • The regular Guardian Raid Event has been extended until May 19 to support player progress before the May Content Update.
  • The reward expiration dates for items obtained through the Guardian Raid Event have been adjusted to reflect the new expiry date of May 19.

Additional Fixes;

  • The gold rewards from various early Earth and Fortress quests have been replaced with various new rewards to prevent farming by bots.
  • Updated Xereon’s dialog during the Temporary Alliance quest in South Vern.

You can find all of the update notes here.

April 23, 2022: 3-hour maintenance work on servers

It is a maintenance work to fix the problems that came with the big April update. The servers that were shut down at 12am PT / 7am UTC were back up 3 hours later and the servers are now online.

Lost Ark Server Status America – April 21, 2022

The big April update has arrived. The important changes in the game are as follows;
🐉Glaivier class
⛰️South Vern
🎊Progress Events
🎟️Arc Pass
👕Check out the New Skins Patch Notes! – You can find detailed information here.

You can go to the game’s official server status page here. You can follow the latest information on Europe servers here.

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  1. KateElisabeth says:

    I really like the game Lost Ark, but the game has frequent server issues that annoy me a lot. Hope the developers can solve this problem as soon as possible.