Lost Ark Omen Skin Released: Here are the Details

Last Updated Date: May 4, 2022 - 19:27

With the update of Lost Ark for March, new skins have been added with the game. Details about Lost Ark Omen Skin are here.

Last Updated Date: May 4, 2022 - 19:27
Lost Ark Omen Skin Released: Here are the Details

This week’s game update comes packed with new content, including the Lost Ark Omen Skin Collection, which makes its way directly to the game’s store.

There is a skin that will be added directly to the store with this week’s game update that room is the Omen Skin collection. In addition, many problems in the game will be fixed with the update, new missions and new cosmetics are waiting for us.

Here are the details of the update and what we know about the Lost Ark Omen Skin collection.

Omen Skin collection to be sold for Royal Crystals

According to the information we have obtained from the official site of Lost Ark, after the 4-hour update, the Omen Skin collection will be added to the game store and sold for Royal crystal.
Information shared from the official site;
Information about Omen skin shared from its official site

These are the images shared as new skins on Lost Ark’s official forum page;

Lost Ark Omen SkinOmen Skin CollectionNew SkinsLost Ark News Skins AnnouncedOmen Skin AnnouncedAssassin - Omen Outfit
assassin_weaponsWarrior - Omen WeaponsGunner - Omen Weapons

With the March update, many bugs are solved in the game and many innovations are added to the game. You can view the full Lost Ark Mart update notes here.

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