Lost Ark: How to get to Rohendel?

Last Updated Date: May 4, 2022 - 17:34

At some point in Lost Ark, you will reach the quest in the main story that will take you to Rohendel. We explain exactly how to get there.

Last Updated Date: May 4, 2022 - 17:34
Lost Ark: How to get to Rohendel?

How to get to Rohendel?

The more important question is actually when rather than how. Because it’s easy to answer “how” – you take your ship and set sail for Rohendel. You can find the continent on the left side of the world map, above Yorn and below Feiton.

You should pay attention to the “Lake Shiverwave” port as your destination. It appears to you on the world map with a small yellow anchor at the bottom of Rohendel. There you can set your waypoint and set sails.

But try beforehand if you can actually set your waypoint to Rohendel. If that’s not the case and an error message appears, the road to the elves continent is still closed.

When Can You Go to Rohendel?

Before you can set off for Rohendel, you must do some preparation work. The first thing to do is to obtain the following:

  • level 50
  • Completed the continents of Arthetine, North Vern and Shushire
  • Get Gearscore 460 by upgrading your gear
  • Completing the ‘A New Journey’ and ‘Procyon Wall’ quests
  • A Conversation with the Northern Vern Queen

If you have done everything in this order, the road to Rohendel is open to you and you can continue to search for the ships.

Hint: If your ship is below level 5 try to avoid dangerous waters or use the repair stations for 300 Pirate Coins otherwise it will be too close.

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