Lost Ark Global Release Date and Preload

Last Updated Date: May 4, 2022 - 19:51

The global release date of Lost Ark, the game developed by Amazon Game Studios, has been announced. There is a short time left to boot.

Last Updated Date: May 4, 2022 - 19:51
Lost Ark Global Release Date and Preload

The release date of Lost Ark, the free-to-play MMO game, is almost here. On this occasion, the developers shared more information about the upcoming game. They recently told us what the character customization will look like, and now they’ve shared details about the game’s big launch.

Lost Ark; It will include a full-fledged campaign with extensive missions, interactive dialogues with the characters, and cutscenes. The story will take place in an epic fantasy world. Centuries ago, this world was protected from evil forces thanks to the Ark, the magical artifact named after the game. Centuries after these events, the Ark only became the subject of stories and legends, and people stopped believing in its existence. Your goal in the campaign is to find him before Kazeroth, the leader of the evil legions who want to use him to take over the world.

Lost Ark Launch Date and Hours

To prepare properly for the official launch, you will be able to start pre-loading the game on February 7 at 20:00 CET. Servers for all regions will launch simultaneously on February 11, 2022. Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to create a character and reserve a name before the game’s official launch.

Access to these features is reserved only for owners of one of the four Founder’s Pack types; This transaction will take place on February 8 at the same time. The ability to purchase Founder’s Packs will be disabled when the game launches.

Perfect Server Promise from Amazon

Many players are also asking about the status and functioning of the servers, as Amazon Games’ previous game, New World, surprised its fans by shutting down the servers throughout the day shortly after its launch. In the case of Lost Ark, it is expected to vary by region, helping to avoid similar issues. Daily and weekly resets will occur at 01:00 server time; Core content such as raids and PvP events will be moved by region for the best match to local time. We’ve also received a list of servers that will be available on February 8.

Lost Ark is appreciated by millions of active players in Korea, Japan and Russia. The high ratings from the East only fuel the enthusiasm associated with its release in other markets and are promising for a good online RPG game.

The game’s Steam page

Official Page of the Game

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