iPhone 14: Due to its size, some users may not buy it

Last Updated Date: May 4, 2022 - 17:04

Some Apple users will probably not get the iPhone 14. The reason for this is that the new model is excessively large.

Last Updated Date: May 4, 2022 - 17:04
iPhone 14: Due to its size, some users may not buy it

Did you know that trouser pockets are bigger these days than they were ten years ago? I’m not kidding now. Especially when it comes to men’s trousers, the fashion industry has had to make significant strides in the last decade. The reason is simple: Smartphones are getting bigger, and since men don’t usually carry handbags, trouser pockets have to grow with them.

A recent report by colleagues in the US magazine Techradar highlights that many of you are increasingly opting for larger cell phones: the iPhone 14 series may finally offer the model you want and can afford.

Accordingly, Apple also wants to give the regular series a model with a 6.7-inch screen for the first time: iPhone 14 Max Until now, screens of this size were reserved for Pro versions such as the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

iPhone 14 size;

  • 6.1 inch – iPhone 14
  • 6.1 inch – iPhone 14 Pro
  • 6.7 inch – iPhone 14 Max
  • 6.7 inch – iPhone 14 Pro Max

Bigger is not always better

I can totally understand why big screens are so popular: they’re much more comfortable to play on, I don’t even need to start watching movies and TV shows, and they have advantages in everyday use, too. So is Techradar finally right with the title? Does everyone really want such a big smartphone?

I can only speak for myself: I absolutely do not want this. No matter how many tech trends I follow, I live in a different era when it comes to cell phones – at least in terms of size. Because of course I want good performance.I just prefer small, handy smartphones, don’t say cell phones – forgive me for the bad pun.

Also, when I watch a movie on it, I hold it a little closer under my nose and it’s definitely good for gaming. To be honest, I rarely do either. On long train journeys, I pack a laptop in my backpack with a few episodes from a TV show.

In short, although some users prefer large smartphones, as the author of Gameinfo24 I prefer smaller smartphones such as the iPhone 12 mini.

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