GTA Online: Fans call for boycott over controversial subscription model

Last Updated Date: May 4, 2022 - 17:36

Due to GTA+, some players are now calling for a boycott and protest against Rockstar's new subscription model.

Last Updated Date: May 4, 2022 - 17:36
GTA Online: Fans call for boycott over controversial subscription model

There is currently a disappointment in the community in GTA Online.

In the GTA Online community, the house blessing is (once again) skewed. This is due to the massive GTA+ subscription service currently only available on NextGen consoles. But on Reddit, players are now urging all their fans to boycott GTA Online for a certain period of time. We will tell you what this is about.

Why are GTA players messing with Rockstar?

What exactly is the problem? On March 29, 2022, GTA+ launched on Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Users of older consoles and PC gamers should do without the new subscription model. GTA+ costs around six euros per month and the service can be canceled at any time.

GTA+ subscribers receive GTA$500,000 per month on their in-game account and can look forward to more bonuses. For example, access to certain content or free real estate, upgrades, outfits and certain bonuses before all other players. There are also discounts on paid Shark Cards that can be used to purchase in-game cash for real money. You can find more information on this from our colleagues at GamePro.

However, GTA+ causes great criticism among many GTA Online players. Some members of the community fear there will be a long-term split between players. There are also concerns that the payout barrier will take on larger odds at some point. Specifically, for example, subscription required for core content and GTA Online slowly but surely pushing towards Pay2Win.

This is how fans reacted:

That’s why some GTA Online players are calling for a boycott now. With a limited-time promotion, Rockstar wants to make it clear that they don’t agree with the path taken with GTA+. Among other things, Reddit is calling for not playing GTA Online on all platforms from April 4-10.

The related post has received nearly 20,000 votes since March 31, 2022 and received a lot of encouragement in the comments. However, there is no consensus on whether this effort will actually be crowned with success.

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