GTA 6: Release date, map, settings, trailer, location and latest information

Last Updated Date: May 2, 2022 - 00:20

For years, there were leaks and rumors about GTA 6 from Rockstar Games. We give you an overview of the release, setting, map, trailer & more.

Last Updated Date: May 2, 2022 - 00:20
GTA 6: Release date, map, settings, trailer, location and latest information

There have been leaks and rumors about GTA 6 from Rockstar Games for years. We give you an overview of version, setting, map, trailer and more.

February 10, 2022 Update:

Fans wouldn’t have thought it was possible, but developer Rockstar Games has finally made an official announcement about the next Grand Theft Auto game. In an unusual Rockstar announcement on Friday, February 4, 2022, the New York-based developer has finally announced GTA 6. According to the press release, the next game in the GTA series is already in development. However, Rockstar Games did not reveal more. Fans are now waiting for the first look at the game and of course they are asking themselves a big question: When will GTA 6 be released?

Publisher:Rockstar Games
Serie:Grand Theft Auto
Plattform:PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC (not verified)
Developer:Rockstar North (not verified)
Genre:Open World, Shooter

Update on 19 January 2022:

Some time has passed since this article was created. Reason enough to take a close look at the leaks and rumors of the era and keep you updated. Even in 2022, GTA 6 has not yet been released by the developer from New York – let it be announced. But there are some new clues as to where GTA 6 might play, what settings it might have, and when GTA 6 might finally be released.

GTA 6: Leaks and rumors are true? What we know so far.

What can we say with certainty so far?

To be honest, not much. However, we can say for sure that GTA 6 will not be released in 2022, which may disappoint many fans. Instead, Rockstar Games announced that GTA 5 will be released for PS5 and Xbox Series X. However, the New York broadcaster is not commenting on the sixth episode. So fans are still depending on rumors and leaks, its veracity can only be confirmed when Grand Theft Auto VI is released at some point.

rumors about gta 6

When will GTA 6 be released?

Insiders are currently arguing about the release of GTA 6. Tez2 says that GTA 6 will be announced in 2022 and a 2023 release is very likely. Insider Tom Henderson, best known for his Call of Duty and Battlefield news, can also predict an announcement this year. However, it sees a more likely release for GTA 6 in 2024. This would fit with Rockstar’s traditional approach, as a game is usually announced two years before it’s released.

Henderson’s statement is now also supported by analysts who think it’s possible for GTA 6 to be released in 2024. Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two has recently released its sales forecasts for the next few years. In 2024, sales will grow so fast that analysts are sure: a brand new game from a famous series is planned this year. However, there are also some rumors that worry fans. GTA 6 was supposed to be in development hell and that’s why it’s so long to come.

GTA 6: New leak reveals gameplay details

GTA 6: All about locations, maps and features – is it in Vice City or Rio de Janeiro?

Possible plot locations probably did the least. Vice City is still very popular as a possible location, and Project Americas has yet to be revealed to be fake. We’ve put together a compact summary of all current map leaks for GTA 6 for you. In addition to Vice City, Rio de Janeiro also plays a role there. There was no other news about London as a possible location, so we don’t currently assume the next title in the series could take place there.

Fans also asked a lot about the map for the next big “Grand Theft Auto” title. It has to be big – it’s much bigger than the GTA 5 map and looks best like the Red Dead Redemption 2 map. Second, Rockstar seems to have extremely convinced fans. You can also find all the fan requests for the GTA 6 map in our guide.

GTA 6 maps, in what region or city will the game take place.

What do we know about the features in GTA 6?

Nothing tangible so far, after all the developer from New York is quiet as a tomb. Rumors have it that Rockstar is looking to implement a feature originally intended for use in Bully 2 in GTA 6. Many fans have wanted this feature for a long time because it needed to make everything on the map accessible. No matter what house, building or place: anything was accessible. That would make the game world feel even more real.

Rockstar co-founder Jamie King expressed his serious fears. He believes the humor in GTA 6 could change drastically, as there are no founders currently employed by Rockstar Games. King assumes the next title won’t be as funny and entertaining as the previous ones.

GTA 6: Release date, start of sales and leaks

Many passionate gamers will surely remember when the latest game from Rockstar Games was released. Since the release of GTA 5 in 2013, the game has gained immense popularity and work on the new part of GTA 6 is in full swing. One leak follows the next, but the facts also clear up the latest rumors about the new “Grand Theft Auto” episode. There is a particularly frequently asked question: When will GTA 6 be released? There are many answers. Rumors are piling up, but something has been going on for a long time. Controversial leaker PSErebus is said to have suddenly decided: Rockstar Games will release GTA 6 in the fall of 2022.

The Twitter user has often polarized the scene with the right assumptions, but many gamers don’t take him seriously because in the past one or the other insider tweet just seemed like a good idea. But something could happen to the fall 2022 release date, as a former Rockstar Games employee also gave a forecast for the release. Former employee Darion Lowenstein explained: In the best-case scenario, work on GTA 6 will be finished by the Christmas holidays in 2022. The producer, who had previously worked for EA, Activision, and Rockstar Games, also thought a timely announcement was unlikely.

Rockstar Games may announce GTA 6 in Fall 2022 and Spring 2023

The most important thing for everyone involved is the quality of the final game, and Lowenstein also said: Sam and Dan Houser, founders of Rockstar Games, would focus primarily on quality, as The Daily Star previously reported. Because the Houser brothers would spend all their efforts on the quality of Grand Theft Auto 6 rather than being stuck with deadlines. If you compare the development to GTA 5, you can see that there are two years between the announcement and the release, if you associate that with the last part of GTA 6, a release will most likely be in 2023, provided Rockstar Games completes development.

Every detail, however small, should inform the release of the new GTA episode: fans are clinging to the hope that by the time GTA 6 is announced, an Easter Egg from the previous GTA 5 has already appeared. It is said that during a robbery at a casino, a surprising detail was noticed: In a corridor, on the right, the words “Service” separated by Ser and Vice, and “Diamond 5.10” are written on the left. Some nod at this little leaky bite, but for many fans, the so-called Easter Egg is reason enough to be hopeful.

GTA 6: Compatibility with PS4, Crossplay, Xbox One or next generation consoles

So far, the question has often been raised: What will happen to dedicated PS4 and Xbox One players? The next generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony have been released recently. Which raises the question of whether GTA 6 will only be developed for the new PS5 and new Xbox Series X from the very beginning. This assumption is based on an old job posting from Rockstar Games. Because they are looking for a programmer who is expected to work on advanced animations for large character based open world games in connection with “Next Generation Hardware”.

What platforms will gta 6 be on? Will the Xbox X and S series come to PS5 and PS4?

Of course, it would only make sense that the two new consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X have surfaced this year and the new “Grand Theft Auto” episode might not appear for another two years – but the compatibility question remains open. Still, it would be most lucrative for publisher Rockstar Games if the game were also compatible with PS4 and Xbox One. The publisher has behaved similarly in the past when it first launched GTA 5 for older generation consoles, only to offer a next-gen version of the game a few months later.

GTA 6: locations, environment, map and city information published in leaks

There are also various assumptions about the new location of GTA 6: The fictional city Vice City is at the top of the list as a possible location. Not only because of the so-called Easter Eggs in the casino heist, but also because of a specific order in Grand Theft Auto history, Vice City makes it very likely as a location. Or Rockstar can surprise us and build the game on another city we never knew before.

Previous episodes have always appeared alternately: The locations have always been Liberty City, San Andreas, and Vice City. In the past episode of GTA 5, the action location was Los Santos, but it is in the fictional state of the USA, San Andreas. So Miami-inspired Vice City might be next again:

  • GTA: Liberty City, San Andreas, Vice City
  • GTA 2: Anywhere City
  • GTA 3: Liberty City
  • GTA Vice City: Vice City
  • GTA San Andreas: San Andreas
  • GTA 4: Liberty City
  • GTA 5: Los Santos/San Andreas

GTA 6: A youtuber released a video showing that the city in the game could be London.

When YouTuber UK Drill Insider posted a video “GTA: London Concept” showing a blueprint with London as the main location, the latest rumor is said to imply the UK’s capital, London, as the next location. While many fans were enthusiastic about the video, most GTA players classified the metropolis as a highly unlikely location. The reason for this: As early as 2013, Dan Houser, the founder of Rockstar Games, spoke out against a British position in the GTA series.

However, in the sixth episode of Grand Theft Auto, two locations are mentioned in one game, after all, players could previously switch between the fictional city of Vice City and South America. A map has sparked speculation about the “Society of Height” racetrack, another GTA 6 location. This originated from a recent GTA 5 DLC, which showed players seeing parts of North and South America. However, this leak should also be approached with caution, because Rockstar Games is known to remain silent.

GTA 6: Leaks have emerged that there will be a female character in the game

Another theory that says a woman in GTA 6 should play the protagonist would be quite the crackpot in Grand Theft Auto. This rumor about the main character in the open world game has been circulating on the forums for a long time because the founders of Rockstar Games have always found a woman as the main character very interesting but not yet appropriate. A slightly older leak on Reddit about a project called Project Americas was talking about something entirely different: Accordingly, in Grand Theft Auto 6, drug lord Ricardo should serve as the male protagonist who deals drugs. Between Vice City and South America.

Who Will Be GTA 6 Characters?

According to a Reddit leak, a large prison will also play an important role in GTA 6, which will be built in a partition system. A small political statement should be made in Rockstar Games’ new GTA episode: Due to climate change, seemingly changeable weather conditions such as devastating hurricanes or flooding will have a major impact on the game, which will then be fatal for the criminals, the fictional main character. Netflix fans will be happy because the new GTA game could be heavily inspired by the Narcos series, which revolves around the life of drug lord Pablo Escobar. For the family of famous GTA drug lord Martin Madrazo, the male protagonist must follow some questionable orders.

GTA 6: Will the next episode come in episodes?

Roger Clark, who lent his voice to the main character Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2, also recently made statements about GTA 6. In an interview with GameRant, he hinted that after the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar Games may now follow a different strategy and develop GTA 6 as an episodic release. It would be a drastic break for Rockstar Games, which until now has strongly avoided episodic content. The wait time for GTA 6 should be shortened in favor of the fans.

GTA 6: price and versions of open world and third-person game

An equally exciting question concerns many GTA players around the world: how much will GTA 6 cost? Until now, publisher Rockstar Games has always relied on a full-priced version that costs between $60 and $80. Later, extensions, packs and bundles were added to GTA Online that players can eventually purchase. Assuming there are various rumors, there are also a few GTA 6 versions out there, such as Standard, Gold, or Ultimate that are up for discussion. But even there, it’s once again faster than the information released by the rumor mill Rockstar Games. Publishers from New York approve. indirectly, this is how GTA 6 works. Unfortunately, it seems difficult to learn the price of the game until an official announcement is published.