Fortnite: Patch Notes for Patch 20.10 – All important information

Last Updated Date: May 4, 2022 - 17:32

The maintenance work will be used to install the new Fortnite 20.10 update on the servers. Pre-patch notes for the update can be found here.

Last Updated Date: May 4, 2022 - 17:32
Fortnite: Patch Notes for Patch 20.10 – All important information

Another patch awaits you. Today the servers are down for maintenance and the new 20.10 patch. It brings new skins, wild weapons and possible changes to the map.

What new content does Update 20.10 bring?

Unlocking additional styles and new cosmetic items

Those who reward themselves with the Battle Pass also have access to bonus rewards throughout the season. This tab in the menu is always equipped with a timer that shows when you can unlock additional styles. Now that the 20.10 update has been released, you can marvel at the new content.

The return of heavy snipers

Epic brought another weapon out of retirement. With the heavy sniper you can now choose between three snipers with which you can destroy your opponents from a safe distance.

New Fundraiser Campaign – MK7 or Combat Assault Rifle?

You now have the option to donate your gold to donation boards in all major locations on the map. You can choose between the aiming device MK7 or the combat assault rifle. The choice is yours. The first item to reach 100% is immediately added to the loot pool.

In-game balance adjustments

Epic has also made a few balance changes. These are as follows:

  • Decreased the damage of combat submachine guns and spiker submachine guns to players and structures.
  • Decreased the headshot damage of combat submachine guns to be more in line with the spiker submachine gun.
  • MK-7 Assault Rifles and Combat Assault Rifles damage against players and structures has been reduced.
  • Titanium Tanks and Bullcatcher have been removed from Competitive game modes.

Additionally, problems have also been fixed:

  • Wins are now correctly tracked in the Career Leaderboards tab.
  • Fixed a bug with the Resistance missions that prevented players from advancing into week 2.
  • Fixed a bug that caused vehicles to stutter or drive erratically when on flat terrain.
  • The Fishing Collection no longer resets between matches and saves progress as intended. 
  • Fixed a bug that caused last season’s quests to show as being tracked on the HUD when no other quests were being tracked.
  • Players can now zip line between the pinwheels on Pinwheel Island use.
  • To maintain optimal performance, Fortnite now starts in performance mode by default for certain legacy drivers and drivers that are no longer supported.

Finally, Epic added competition notes:

  • The heavy sniper rifle is not available in competitive game modes.
  • The winner of the match between the MK-7 assault rifle and the combat assault rifle will not come out of the vault immediately for competitive game modes, once 100% is reached.
  • The Daily Bugle does not have a battle in competitive game modes, but Huntmaster Saber has changed his position.
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