Fifa 23 – Preview

Last Updated Date: August 2, 2022 - 21:23

EA Sports' new game Fifa 23 will be released on September 29, 2022. You should check out the preview before purchasing the game!

Last Updated Date: August 2, 2022 - 21:23
Fifa 23 – Preview

FIFA 23 – EA Sports’ soccer game will be released for the last time under the name FIFA. In other words, it will not be FIFA 24 as its new name will be EA Sports FC. It may not sit well in the mouth, but these are a concern later. For now, we have participated in the FIFA 23 virtual preview event and have access to the Kick-off mode of the game. That’s why we could feel the renewed gameplay, that’s important: the second version of HyperMotion should blow our socks off, and women’s football is also in the spotlight. We will discuss in this preview whether EA will be able to live up to all its good promises.

HyperMotion version 2.0

HyperMotion2 is the biggest innovation in the game. To expand the technology, not one but two full matches were played this time in ‘Match Capture Xsens’ costumes. For example, the game will include many new animations, although most of it is geared towards women’s football. Enthusiastic FIFA players will experience this in men’s football, but this is particularly noticeable in women’s football.

fifa 23 woman football players

Last year, women acted the same as their male counterparts, with the only difference being the longer hair and body shape of the actors. Now the animations of the women are much more realistic and they follow the movements of the real players on the field. Good, but the question is whether we all really expected this. The ‘research‘ shows that only 4% of FIFA players engage in a football match with women’s teams.

Also, the dribbling is a bit refined and you feel it right away. In the version we could play, we were only able to enter 8 big clubs for men and 4 national teams for women. That means we’re playing with the best players in the world, so we thought that with star players like Messi and Neymar, we could now change direction even faster. It remains to be seen whether you feel this difference with smaller gods as well. We’re happy to report that left-footed players are finally performing skill moves with their left foot. For example, you will now see a Messi or Mahrez use their better left to gain an edge over their opponents.

 fifa 23 walking

Nice Walk

When attacking, walking was also overhauled. For example, a player’s acceleration will have an effect, not just his speed. This also provides more variety, as some players have an impressive starting speed, while others have a slower start but may have a higher max speed. You’ll no longer have to just look at the ‘speed’ statistic, but really think about whether you’re shooting an explosive player or a less explosive player. Also, some famous players have added their own special running styles. For example, an Alphonso Davies will run very differently from a Vinícius Júnior. Second, it has a completely different style when on the ball compared to a sprint without the ball.

The ability to change direction faster and the differences in walking between different players are balanced by a better defense. Players will now take better care of the ball and also have more arsenal of moves to get the ball. Players will now keep their arms behind them to make sure they don’t cause a handball, just like in real football. However, it still needs to be dealt with, because we conceded four wrong handballs – the arm was always at the back – 2 penalties out of them. It’s a shame to be left behind like this, so we hope EA pays some attention to this. It’s positive to see defenders have a little more awareness of where the ball is.

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Ready, Set, Go

We also have some minor additions such as better mesh physics and nicer grass. It’s also a small but nice change to move the goalkeeper’s hands and defenders’ legs more realistically when touching the ball. These make the game even more realistic, but there are two other improvements worth mentioning. First off, we’re absolutely positive about the new Power Shots. If you hold down L1 and R1 while shooting, your player will fire a harder shot where you need to aim more precisely than normal because aim assist will not help you with this shot. It will take longer for your player to get the ball out of their shoes, but we still managed to get some gems with this type of shot. So it’s a higher risk, but all the benefits you can get are nicer. Finally, penalties, free kicks and corners were also revised (again). You now have more control over the trajectory and it’s also easier to put the penalties in the corner nicely.

fifa 23

Speaking of pure gameplay, we’re happy to report that FIFA 23 has made some progress over FIFA 22. However, FIFA is more than just the game, and if you’re hoping for big innovations in different modes, then it seems. For now, you’re probably going to be a little disappointed. Something has been added to the player career – a so-called personality that affects your abilities – but if you want to play as a manager, the main addition for now seems to be that you can continue the careers of real managers like Guardiola. and Klopp.

Fifa 23 prices have been announced…

Also, ‘Playable Highlights’ are being added where you can only play the most important stages of the match instead of the whole match. This sounds good for the busier folks among us, but it remains to be seen how exactly this works out. Additional cutscenes have also been added, the AI ​​will make smarter changes, and the career mode’s menu has been overhauled, but as minor changes, although we wouldn’t really classify these adjustments under new features. All of that seems a little underwhelming, especially when you compare it to the ‘Create A Club’ addition last year. Hopefully EA will bring some more innovation, but that remains to be seen. We haven’t yet had access to FUT, the franchise’s cash cow, but it looks like some changes are on the way here.

FIFA 23 Preview result

As mentioned earlier, we just started with the gameplay experience of the game and we can be positive about it. The game is a little more fluid, both offensively and defensively, and we’re sure every avid FIFA player will feel the differences. Other minor tweaks make everything look a little more realistic on the pitch, while bigger changes like overhauled set pieces and Power Shots provide more control and a better experience. In conclusion, we are positive about the game for now, but we hope that more will be added to the career mode than has been announced to us so far.

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