Elden Ring: Stuck and FPS Drop Issue and Fix

Last Updated Date: May 4, 2022 - 19:33

Elden Ring, PC performance issues make the game difficult to play. Fixes and tips for these performance issues you are experiencing.

Last Updated Date: May 4, 2022 - 19:33
Elden Ring: Stuck and FPS Drop Issue and Fix

Despite the dream ratings in the press, Elden Ring is having a tough time for many players. Complaints about poor performance, micro lags and some issues on the PC overshadow the game’s process of becoming a masterpiece.

Here we help you with possible fixes and workarounds that we can verify, but also share resourceful users from the vastness of the Internet. Whether or not the help will help you will depend to some extent on your own computer configuration.

Elden Ring Requires 12GB of RAM, But Is 8GB Enough?

Elden Ring, Stuck and FPS Drop Issues Fixes

Players are reporting annoying micro-stuck and frame drops in Elden Ring that sometimes complicate gameplay in boss fights. Here we show you which measures can help.

Update your graphics driver

It happens from time to time that the update of the graphics driver is forgotten. Manufacturers Nvidia and AMD offer Game Ready Drivers for Elden Ring.

We discovered that installing the latest driver for your graphics card can significantly improve FPS in Elden Ring.

Activates windows game mode

Game Mode is a built-in feature in Windows 10 and 11 to keep unnecessary processes under control while playing games. If you’re having performance issues with Elden Ring, try enabling Game Mode.

How to enable Windows Game Mode

You can find this feature by typing game mode in Windows search. Alternatively, go directly to Settings, hit the Play button and select Game Mode from the sidebar.

Give Elden Ring High Priority:

Giving high priority to the game in Windows settings will help you to increase FPS and minimize stuttering in the game.

To give high priority to Elden Ring;
– Type graphic settings in the search bar and enter,
– Find the folder where the game is installed by clicking browse,
– Select Eldering.exe and set it to high performance.

Play in offline mode

Enabling Elden Ring’s offline mode can help overcome the issues.

How to enable offline mode:

To disable online play, go to settings under System, go to Network (globe icon) and switch Elden Ring to offline play. After that you need to restart the game.

Crash: Possible fixes for the White Screen

Some players suffer from a bug that makes Elden Ring completely unplayable: instead of launching, they expect a white screen where the game crashes. Some fixes we can suggest for solving this problem;

Disable Steam Interface:

For Steam players, launch issues can be caused by conflicts with the Steam Overlay. Disabling the feature in Steam Settings may fix the issue. You can go to Elden Ring Steam page here.

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