Elden Ring: Patch 1.3 brings 9 major improvements and 4 powerful nerfs

Last Updated Date: May 4, 2022 - 19:13

Patch 1.3 for Elden Ring not only brings a handful of balancing tweaks, but also some controversial nerfs. We will provide you with all the information and patch notes.

Last Updated Date: May 4, 2022 - 19:13
Elden Ring: Patch 1.3 brings 9 major improvements and 4 powerful nerfs

Elden Ring has received a new update. Patch 1.3 is now available for PC and consoles and comes with a proud number of patch notes. In addition to balancing tweaks and optimizations, fans also need to be prepared for a nerf: the extremely powerful Mimic Tear-Ashes has been nerfed.

Everything you need to know about patch 1.3

How long has patch 1.3 been available?

The Elden Ring update is already live and deployed on the night of March 16-17, 2022. If you start your PC or console now, you can already download the update.

How big is patch 1.3?

The new update for Elden Ring is approximately 1.6GB in size. So the download shouldn’t keep you out of the game for too long. Despite its manageable size, patch 1.3 includes a number of innovations and changes.

For which platforms is Patch 1.3 available?

The Elden Ring update has been released on all current platforms including PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and Xbox One.

The most important changes of patch 1.3

The list of changes and innovations in Patch 1.3 for Elden Ring is long. We’ve reviewed the patch notes and selected the most notable changes for you. You can find what else the latest update has changed and revised on page 2 of this article.

What’s new with patch 1.3

  • NPCs and merchants can be identified on the map with certain icons
  • The damage mitigated by shields has been improved
  • Spells like Comet and Star Shower, as well as items like Spam Aromatic and Ironjar Romantic, received a buff
  • The prices of wrought stones available from traders have been reduced
  • broken quests should now work properly
  • New NPC Jar-Bairn has been added to the game
  • New quest tiers have been given to four NPCs: Diallos, Nepheli Loux, Kenneth Haight, and Gatekeeper Gostoc
  • Fixed a bug where weapons were not scaling properly
  • Torrent now gains more health by healing with items such as Rowa Raisin, Sweet Raisin, and Frozen Raisin
  • Nerfs from Patch 1.3

    • Imitation Tear Ash now deals less damage and your doppelganger’s behavior has also been adjusted
    • Hoarfrost Stomp’s damage has been reduced and its activation time increased
    • Sword of Night and Flame now deals less damage
    • Damage reduced by Shield Barricade

    You can view all of the patch notes here.

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