Elden Ring: Invaders jeopardize savings – you can do it

Last Updated Date: May 4, 2022 - 19:06

Currently, bad actors can send your character into an endless loop of death. We'll help you get out of there.

Last Updated Date: May 4, 2022 - 19:06
Elden Ring: Invaders jeopardize savings – you can do it

Attention Elden Ring players: Currently, more and more fans of the role-playing milestone are reporting that PvP invaders cause their characters to fall to their deaths in an endless loop. They fire some kind of ability that first crashes your game and then permanently throws you out of the world.

Twitter user Mordecai (@EldenRingUpdate) captured the process in a short clip:

In the related Reddit thread, numerous players are reporting that the same thing is happening. Fortunately, the players there are helping each other to get out of this difficult situation and save the game they have been playing for hundreds of hours. We summarize the tips for you.

Elden Ring: Invaders and Death Loop

The Souls series has had issues in the past with scammers harassing unsuspecting players. Concomitant was the concern that Elden Ring could inherit this weakness and, in the worst case, give hackers access to their own computers:

For those new to the death cycle, there are some precautions you can take to avoid this situation in the first place. On the one hand you can of course avoid all PvP and thus keep the gateway closed for invaders.

But if you don’t want to miss this part of the game, you should at least make a regular backup of your own save. The fastest way to find it is to type %appdata%\Elden Ring in the address bar of any Windows folder.

It copies the folder with long strings of numbers as its name to a safe place and repeats this process at the end of a game session at the latest. For even faster access, you can pin the folder to quick access with a right click.

This is how you get out of the death loop

If it has already caught you, your ability to react is required. You can avoid the dilemma only if you open the map in a second and teleport. Kaimitsu-Enju player at 0h58m20s on Twitch shows what a successful save save looks like:

The best way to do this is to follow this order:

  • To have some extra time next time, load your save before you die and close the game with ALT+F4.
  • Now spam the G-key on the loading screen to open your map as quickly as possible. Proceed with the following key combination, as hitting your keys will probably open an extra menu:
  • Q (Close the extra menu.)
  • F (Opens list of travel destinations.)
  • E (Confirm your choice and teleport there.)
  • If you have changed the key assignment, you must adjust the pressed keys accordingly. We wish you continued success and we will keep you informed of the developments.

Has it caught you yet and have you successfully escaped the death loop? Let us know your experiences with Elden Ring and previous Souls games in the comments!

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