Diablo Immortal: Which is the Best Classes?

Last Updated Date: June 3, 2022 - 14:50

Which classes should I play in Diablo Immortal Season 1? We'll let you know which class is the strongest and about all the characters.

Last Updated Date: June 3, 2022 - 14:50
Diablo Immortal: Which is the Best Classes?

Diablo Immortal gives you a choice of six classes at the start. Here are a few questions for starters: Which is the best class in Season 1? Which role is right for me? Who can beat the hardest, heal most efficiently, or deal area damage?

You can find the answers in our level list. YouTube, Reddit and Co. for you. We have collected and evaluated a large number of expert opinions on the subject and compiled the results in the form of a ranking list. So if you want to make the most of your heroic journey through Sanctuary, read on!

Here is the Ranking of the Best Classes in Diablo Immortal


The tier list only knows one winner: if you look at the numerous voices regarding the current balance of power in Diablo Immortal, the crusader always appears at the top.

The reason is simple: throw it away. The faithful comrade is already criticized for being too strong. The cooldown after summoning Klepper is short, you can powerfully pull him out of the saddle and even stun your opponents or drag them behind you until everyone becomes a pile and is turned into demon dough by the crusader’s powerful area skills.

In addition, it can take quite a beating and is suitable as a tank next to the barbarian. Singleplayer, leveling up, PvP, dungeons – there is hardly any area where Crusader is not praised.


The demon hunter secures the silver trophy in our level list. Special advantage for many players: Deals most of the damage to individual targets. While he can only moderately support party members, this makes him perfect for solo raids, clearing bosses, rifting and dungeoning. Its biggest weakness is manifested in PvP: It moves slowly when firing, making it an ideal target for attacks. Initial requests are already being made to make the lady more active in the future.


The bronze in the rank list goes to Barbarian, who, as the name suggests, hasn’t exactly made a name for himself with the biggest single target damage. However, it can very effectively defend itself against its skin primarily through AoE attacks, making it possible for beginners to progress quickly. She is also the most durable of any class. It also has versatile buffs that make it particularly attractive in factions and PvP duels; that being said here, he can even single-handedly beat entire groups of opponents, at least if played well.


4th place goes to Necromancer. If you like pets, AI-controlled companions who throw themselves into battle for you, you can have a lot of fun with this class. Apparently that makes him the perfect boss killer ever. Thanks to the buffs it has, it is also considered useful in groups. It can also be played in a variety of ways, thanks to its combination of melee and ranged attack. Necromancer can convince anyone who wants to level up and play the game comfortably, especially with their pets.


The Monk rests in the penultimate place. If you look at the reviews, this class was also rarely played, which shouldn’t come as a surprise when you look at its main issue: It’s not very suitable for solo play due to its skill set. He also has difficulties in PvP, although he can score goals with his high mobility. However, with other players things look very different again because his buffs are a boon to any faction. There are probably more suitable classes for casuals and beginners.


For many participants in the Alpha, Wizard highlights the rear from almost every angle. Thanks to his skills, he still helps a little in boss fights, but he can’t convince, especially during the leveling phase. Neither area damage nor damage to a single target is particularly high, making your life extremely difficult in places. This also means things don’t look better in PvP, dungeons and challenging rifts. After all, it is often emphasized that the mage can be played really well with a lot of practice, it just takes a lot of work because it requires a particularly high degree of precision.

That’s our list for Diablo Immortal Season 1. Want to start right now and create your own experiences? You can register by going to the official website of the game from here. If you don’t know how to install the game on PC, check here!

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