CoD Warzone – Season 2: New Weapons & All Information About The Start

Last Updated Date: February 9, 2022 - 17:11

Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific and Vanguard will start Season 2 in February 2022. The roadmap shows what's coming: vehicles, new modes and more.

Last Updated Date: February 9, 2022 - 17:11
CoD Warzone – Season 2: New Weapons & All Information About The Start

With some delay, Season 2 of Call of Duty: Warzone and Vanguard is just around the corner. And packed a lot of innovations, such as new vehicles, weapons, game modes and multiplayer maps. In this article we collect all the information for you.

All information about CoD Warzone Season 2

If you want an overview of all the upcoming changes, take a look at the packed roadmap:

When does Warzone Season 2 start?

After a postponement, the new release date is February 14, 2022, so if you’re still looking for ideas for Valentine’s Day: A few rounds on Caldera will certainly set the mood.

The Vanguard update is available for download a little earlier, starting February 10th. The second season will probably last about eight weeks as usual. A mid-season update has already been confirmed.

Size: How big will the download be?

There is currently no information on this. Season 1 was a pretty big download chunk, at 40GB or more. However, it also included the completely new Pacific map Caldera and the new Vanguard game modes. Season 2 should probably be a bit more compact again.

Weapons: Which ones are new?

Of course, Season 2 continues to expand the Warzone and Vanguard armory. This time even with three new guns and a melee weapon:

  • KG M40: New Assault Rifle that will become available at the start of the season
  • Whitley: One of the first war machine guns will also be available at the start of the season
  • Ice Pick (throughout the season): When repurposed, this tool is also good for knocking down Operators in melee combat
  • Armaguerra 43 (during the season): SMG, which you either unlock through a challenge or have to buy as a bundle

Map: What’s changing on Caldera?

New locations are added to the Pacific map with Season 2: the chemical factory and underground laboratories.

Chemical Factory: It replaces the facility between mines and docks that used to process phosphate. Instead, the Nebula V war gas is now produced here. However, the layout remains very similar to before, you can still wade through the river. Don’t be put off by the green color, I’m sure this stuff is perfectly harmless.

Underground Laboratories: There are a total of seven secret labs spread across Caldera, marked in yellow on your map. Be careful, there is valuable loot and good cover here, but only one entrance at a time – so the facilities can easily become a death trap.

Gameplay: What gameplay innovations are coming?

New vehicles:

In Verdansk there were already motorcycles and armored trucks. They are now returning with WW2 livery, but according to the roadmap only for multiplayer. A special event with heavy transporters awaits you in Warzone, you can read more about it below.

New plane:

The leaks were right, a new bomber is making the skies over Caldera unsafe in Season 2. Especially exciting: These planes can destroy loadout drops and anti-aircraft guns! You can really spoil your opponents’ day with this. Beware of the smaller, more maneuverable planes that will target you, though.

Redeploy balloons:

You already know something like that from PUBG, now you can also let balloons carry you into the sky in Warzone. Redeploy points are flashing on the map. You clip onto a zipline, soar to the top, and then soar leisurely across the island on your parachute, like jumping off to start a lap. However, the balloons can be destroyed, causing you a rough crash.

Event: What is Search & Deploy?

The leaks were spot on here too:

There is a special event coming up in Season 2 that revolves around battle gas and truck convoys. The heavily armored vehicles relentlessly roll across the map, much like the Verdansk train. They transport Nebula V and shoot any Operator who gets too close.

Why would you still mess with them?

Because a wrecked truck will drop some really valuable loot, sometimes even one of the new Nebula Bombs that blanket an area in deadly gas for two minutes.

The future of Warzone:

Only recently, several well-known and well-informed insiders claimed that CoD Warzone should surprisingly get a successor soon. Warzone 2 will therefore be a game of its own. How many big changes do you think will make their way to Battle Royale before then? With us you stay up to date.

What’s new in CoD Vanguard?

Of course, Season 2 also brings a lot of innovations for the multiplayer and zombie mode of the current main game. A quick overview:

  • Two new maps: The medium-sized Casablanca (Morocco) and the also medium-sized Gondola map where you can, well, go gondola.
  • >New Perks: Armory is the counter perk to »Engineer«, Mechanic offers a buff on field equipment.
  • New Killstreak: The Ball Turret Gunner fires at the map from the air for 30 seconds, dealing massive damage. Unlocks with 12 consecutive kills and is correspondingly powerful.
  • Zombies: New hub map, new arenas, a new artifact power and two “wonder weapons” – the neglected zombie mode gets more flesh in Season 2.
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