Best Quest 2 Games

Last Updated Date: January 1, 2022 - 23:12

Check out the list of the best Quest 2 games. Here is the list of the best Oculus Quest 2 games of all time.

Last Updated Date: January 1, 2022 - 23:12
Best Quest 2 Games

Check out and review the best Quest 2 games. Here is the list of the best Oculust Quest 2 games.

Today, with the development of technology, there are many innovations that we have begun to integrate into our lives. One of these innovations is virtual reality technology. Although its history dates back many years, we have listed the top 10 games for you that can be played with virtual reality glasses, which are accessible today.

The concept of virtual reality (VR) has actually been with us since the early 1990s. However, it is not preferred much in terms of cost and usability both in the world and in our country. The reason for this seems to be that there isn’t much to do with VR glasses, apart from a few short demos to watch or play at first. With the advancement of technology, it has become more independent from its cables compared to its previous versions, and VR has become a preferred accessory.

In our article on the best VR games to play today, we have listed the games of HTC Vive, Oculus Quest 2, PlayStation VR, Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality glasses. You need a powerful computer to use HTC Vive, Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality glasses from these glasses. To achieve the best possible experience, your computer must have fast CPUs and high-class GPUs. PlayStation players can run PlayStation VR on PS4, PS4 Pro or PS5. Apart from all these glasses, there are also some standalone VR glasses such as Oculus Quest 2.

Oculus Quest 2 compatible games:

  • Beat Saber
  • Farpoint
  • Half-Life: Alyx
  • No Man’s Sky
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • Star Wars: Squadrons
  • Falcon Age
  • Iron Man VR
  • Batman: Arkham VR
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

About Best Quest 2 Games

Beat Saber

Platform: Oculus Quest, PlayStation 4, PC
Developer: Beat Games
Release Year: 2018
Beat Saber is a music and rhythm game that we are familiar with from games such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band. But in Beat Saber, we use virtual lightsabers instead of fake instruments. While the music is playing in the game, you have to hit the different color-coded blocks that slide towards you on the screen with your lightsabers of two different colors. You may encounter obstacles that will require you to bend over or even slide to the side during the music. Beat Saber is not a game that you can play comfortably from your seat. If you love music and movement, Beat Saber is for you.

The original version of Beat Saber contains 10 songs. However, it is also free to add new songs by modding the game for PC players.


Platform: PlayStation 4
Developer: Impulse Gear
Release Year: 2017
Farpoint is one of the titles that best showcases the PS4’s VR capabilities. Farpoint, a first-person shooter, is also the first game to use the PS VR Aim, a pistol-shaped controller. Sony says that VR Aim can monitor player movements exactly, which gives a realistic feel to the shooting mechanics of the game. In Farpoint, you play in a dangerous, extraterrestrial region to find out what happened to the rest of your research team. Unfortunately, Farpoint is a pretty short game where you have to survive your encounters with many deadly enemies surrounding you. However, it is also the experience where PlayStation owners can use PS VR Aim most efficiently.

Half-Life: Alyx

Platform: PC
Developer: Valve Corporation
Release Year: 2020
Half-Life: Alyx, the third game of Half-Life, which has been expected for more than ten years, caused great expectations. When the game was released, the fans saw that these expectations were in place. This game, which allows us to return to the world of Half-Life after 13 years of silence, is unfortunately a little far from the Half-Life we remember. In the new game of the series, instead of the legendary character Gordon Freeman, we play as Alyx Vance in City 17 in Half-Life: Alyx.

Valve, which has been waiting for its fans for a long time, has forgiven its fans with Half-Life: Alyx. You can reach Half-Life: Alyx, which is an example of how VR technology is used most efficiently, free of charge by purchasing Valve Index or HTC Vive Cosmos Elite.

No Man’s Sky

Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S, PC
Developer: Hello Games
Release Year: 2016
Another highly anticipated game is No Man’s Sky. Unfortunately, No Man’s Sky did not live up to expectations like Half-Life: Alyx did. After years of major updates, the latest of which was the VR mode after its disappointment in 2016, No Man’s Sky deserves to be on our list of the best VR games.

The main purpose of the game is to reach the center of the universe, you can travel to countless planets along the way, build a home base or fight enemy ships in space.

No Man’s Sky offers a very enjoyable VR experience with the atmospheres and colors of its planets.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Platform: PC, Xbox Series S
Developer: Microsoft Corporation, Xbox Game Studios
Release Year: 2020
It is quite impressive to experience Microsoft Flight Simulator and its meticulously detailed aircraft, which offers its players stunning landscapes even without the VR version. From a first-person perspective, you can travel to airports around the world in the game where you can closely examine all the buttons and switches as if you were a pilot.

If you don’t want a simulation experience, you can let the game do the hard work for you and just fly around. But if you want to feel like a real pilot and maybe even a pilot candidate, then you can control all the buttons and switches and fly your plane.

Star Wars: Squadrons

Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
Release Year:
Star Wars: Squadrons from Motive Studios is a VR game that allows many to fulfill their childhood dreams. Allowing you to play as both Rebel and Imperial pilots, this combat-oriented flight simulator is an ideal experience for VR.

Although it is not a VR-specific game with its single-player story and multiplayer modes, you can increase the excitement you experience while navigating in space with X-Wing or TIE Fighter thanks to a VR glasses.

You shouldn’t expect a lot of depth and content, this Star Wars: Squadrons is a very fun game to play with VR glasses.

Falcon Age

Platform: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC
Developer: Outerloop Games
Released Year: 2019
It’s you and your pet bird against the world in this adventure game where your planet is taken over by a robot empire. All you have to do with your cute bird in such a world is to resist.

In the game where you watch your cute bird turn into a predatory hawk, your companion teaches you new tricks and skills. With a hawk in one arm and a stick in the other, you are on a mission to give hope to a small group of people. The graphics and atmosphere of the game, which has a deeper story compared to other VR games on the list, is reminiscent of No Man’s Sky.

Iron Man VR

Platform: PlayStation 4
Developer: Camouflage
Release Year: 2020
Iron Man VR is unfortunately the only way to get to Tony Stark’s advanced battle armor and the excitement of being a part of the Avengers team. Using your VR glasses and headset, you can dodge obstacles with familiar displays from movies and comics. You can also do justice to the Iron Man suit by throwing punches and causing energy blasts to take down your enemies. When you return to base after all this is over, you can customize your armor.

Iron Man VR also contains a story, although it is not very deep. Although it is not a story connected to the Marvel universe, you are after a hacker named Ghost in the game. Since the main purpose of the game is not to create a story-based experience, it would be unfair to the game to consider Iron Man VR from this aspect.

Batman: Arkham VR

Platform: PlayStation 4, PC
Developer: Rocksteady Studios
Release Year: 2016
Another superhero VR game on our list, Batman: Arkham VR lets you roam the streets of Arkham city and fight crime. You can wander as Batman in these streets, which we are familiar with from movies and comics. Even though Batman: Arkham VR, which we encountered in the first days of VR, reminds us of an expanded demo, it does not fail to impress Batman lovers.

The game is a production that emphasizes the detective side of Batman. Therefore, if you are looking for a flight-and-flight experience like other games on the list, Batman: Arkham VR is not for you. But if you want to explore your surroundings, tour crime scenes and immerse yourself in Bruce Wayne’s world, Batman: Arkham VR is the experience you’ve been looking for.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

Platform: PlayStation 4, PC
Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
Release Year: 2017
Skyrim is a game that needs no introduction for the game world. Skyrim, the last game of The Elder Scrolls series, which has been talking about itself in the game world for years, even more than 20 years, is still played even though it was published 10 years ago.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR, where you will experience the VR experience at its peak with its impressive visuals, map diversity and atmosphere, although not exactly perfect, mods can be developed.

Thus, we have come to the end of our best Quest 2 games list. We’ve added the best Oculus Quest 2 games to the list. You can share your thoughts about Quest 2 games in the comments section below.

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