Apple iPhone 14: technical specifications and design have been revealed!

Last Updated Date: April 16, 2022 - 16:38

The design and technical features of Apple's new phone, the iPhone 14, have been revealed. The latest details about the phone are here...

Last Updated Date: April 16, 2022 - 16:38
Apple iPhone 14: technical specifications and design have been revealed!

The design and features of the Apple iPhone 14 Pro have been revealed. The curious wait continues for the iPhone 14, Apple’s new product, which is expected to be introduced soon. It came to the fore with the images that were put forward a few days ago. Information about the iPhone 14, which will be launched in September, continues to come. What are the iPhone 14 technical specifications? Have iPhone 14 prices been announced? Here are the details of Apple’s latest move…

The launch event of Apple 14 will be held in September. Within the scope of this activity, explanations will be made about the iPhone 14. However, before September comes, certain features about the iPhone 14 continue to spread on websites. Its design and technical features are a few of them…


Technical Specifications of the iPHONE 14 Series

According to the information received; The iPhone 14 may come with a 6.06-inch OLED LTPO display. In this way, the screen of the phone will be able to switch between 1Hz and 120Hz refresh rates. The smartphone will get its energy from the A16 Bionic processor.

6.68 inch monitor information is available for iPhone 14 Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max models. Its processors will be A15 Bionic for 14 Max and A16 Bionic for 14 Pro Max.

iphone 14 technical drawing

The iPhone 14 model will be powered by the A15 Bionic processor. The smartphone will come with a 6.06-inch elastic OLED display with a 60Hz refresh rate.

All models in the series will come out of the box with 6GB of RAM. Additionally, the LTPO panel that supports the Promotion refresh rate will be used. In this way, devices will minimize battery consumption at high monitor refresh rate (120Hz).

According to the latest technical drawing, the iPhone 14 will look like this:

iphone 14 image

When we look at the technical drawings, we see that the iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 are exactly the same from the front. The notch structure and buttons are the same as the previous generations. Moreover, according to industry sources, the monitor options of the iPhone 14 family and the monitor size options of the iPhone 13 family will be the same.

When we look at the back drawings of the iPhone 14, we see a similarity with the iPhone 13. However, according to industry sources, the phone that we will meet in September 2022 will come with a thicker camera frame than the iPhone 13. Meanwhile; You may not have seen the Apple logo on the back in the technical drawings. This is not a very important detail because it is an undeniable reel that the logo will be in the real model.

There will be some changes on the iPhone 14 Pro

According to the claims of industry sources, Apple will make the design change in 2022 only on Pro models. As you can see above, the screen of the iPhone 14 Pro will have a perforated design. When we look at the back of the phone, there will be no change again. The camera protrusion, which is very similar to the iPhone 13 Pro design, but with a thicker frame, will be waiting for us on the upper left. It is stated that the back of the iPhone 14 Pro will look like this:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    iphone 14 specs are better than i expected

  2. mandy says:

    Do you know the price of this phone?

    1. Gameinfo24 says:

      The price of the phone has not been officially announced, but there is a leak about the prices here.